Sri M

Sri M – spiritual guide, social reformer, author and educationist – was born Mumtaz Ali Khan, into a Muslim family on November 6, 1949 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. His transformational journey, from a young boy to a living yogi, is a story of single-minded discipline and dedication.

Conversant with teachings of most major religions, Sri M’s teachings seek to transcend the outer-shell of all religions by exploring the core and nurturing the innate goodness in every human being. In his words: “Go to the core. Theories are of no use.” Sri M’s autobiography, “Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master – A Yogi’s Autobiography” was published in 2011 and became an instant bestseller. A sequel, “The Journey Continues” was published in 2017.

He is the Founder-President of The Satsang Foundation which operates schools and a health centre and also projects in tree-planting. He is also the Founder of Manav Ekta Mission, an initiative which advocates the oneness of humanity - transcending religion and ideological differences.

Sri M has also authored several texts on the Upanishads, on Meditation, and a novel “Shunya”.
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